A new source of revenue for crypto companies

USDLR is a stablecoin issued by Stable. Stable pays companies that distribute USDLR with revenue earned from Treasury bills that back USDLR.

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Built for stability.

Backed 1:1 with US dollars and Treasury bills.

USDLR is fully backed by cash and U.S. Treasury bills held by regulated custodians at FDIC-insured banks and other, premier financial institutions. Reserve assets are highly liquid and held separately from Stable's operating funds. We take regulation and compliance seriously and build with a security-first mindset.

Attestations are published weekly.

Through our attestations provider, NAV Consulting, USDLR will publish weekly reports that break down the composition of our reserves.

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Best-in-class service providers.

Supported by operational excellence.

USDLR is supported by service providers that share the same commitment to operational excellence to ensure that the reserves backing USDLR are stored safely.

Regulated custodians

We rely on regulated and insured custodians to provide fiat, crypto, and Treasury bill custody services to ensure that assets are stored securely.


Service providers

Reserve management services are provided by regulated investment managers.


Attestation provider

We will publish weekly attestations through a third-party fund administrator.

Nav Consulting

Who we share revenue with

We work with a variety of KYB'ed affiliates to help distribute USDLR on-chain in exchange for a proportion of revenue. Sign up today to learn more about becoming an affiliate.

On-chain Protocols
Decentralized exchanges, perpetual futures markets, crypto-collateralized stablecoins, and others that drive on-chain use cases for USDLR.
On-ramps and centralized exchanges
On-ramps or centralized exchanges that enable their users to purchase a stable store of value.

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