A new source of revenue for
perpetual protocols.

USDLR is a fiat-backed stablecoin issued by Stable. Stable pays affiliates a marketing fee based on their users’ USDLR deposits. No allowlists, no wrapping, and no code changes required to become an affiliate.

Potential annualized revenue
USDLR held by your users

New USDLR deposits

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Built for interoperability.

The simplest way to earn additional revenue for your protocol.

USDLR uses the same interoperable, battle-tested, open source smart contracts that have powered trillions in stablecoin volume to date.

Fully permissionless
USDLR holders can transfer their USDLR to any non-blacklisted address. There are no whitelists/allowlists to hold or transfer USDLR.
Simple UX
USDLR is not a rebasing token, which means that USDLR doesn't need to be wrapped to be used in any application that supports ERC-20 tokens.
No code changes required
USDLR is a drop-in replacement for other fiat-backed stablecoins like USDC and USDT. Affiliates shouldn't require any code changes to start earning revenue from USDLR.

Built for stability.

Backed 1:1 with US dollars and Treasury bills.

USDLR is fully backed by cash and short-term U.S. Treasury bills held by regulated custodians at FDIC-insured banks and other premier financial institutions. Reserve assets are highly liquid and held separately from Stable's operating funds. We take regulation and compliance seriously and build with a security-first mindset.

Attestations are published weekly.

Stable will share weekly third-party attestation reports published by NAV Consulting to confirm the value of USDLR reserves

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Built using best-in-class service providers.

Supported by operational excellence.

USDLR is supported by service providers that share the same commitment to operational excellence to ensure that the reserves backing USDLR are stored safely.

Regulated custodians

We rely on regulated and insured custodians to provide fiat, crypto, and Treasury bill custody services to ensure that assets are stored securely.


Service providers

Reserve management services are provided by regulated investment managers.


Attestation provider

We share weekly attestations published by a third-party fund administrator.

Nav Consulting

Join our affiliate program today

We work with a variety of affiliates and pay them based on the amount of demand they drive for USDLR. Sign up today to learn more about becoming an affiliate.

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